25 tons of block ice machine with daily production, fully automatic integrated machine, aquatic seafood for personal use + sale

30 tons per day block ice machine, used for vegetable transportation and preservation

40 tons of block ice machine per day, large seafood market, aquatic products preservation for personal use


Ice and Snow Amusement Park

Direct Cooling ice block machine is a highly efficient refrigeration unit which widely used in  fishery, food industry, transportation industry and medical institutions. 

Cold chain transportation

It is easy to transport, store and transport.Industrial ice block machine adopts integrated design, having easy installation, just connecting the power and water pipe to use. 

Ice factory

The block ice size and production can be made according to the customers requirement.Specially-designed evaporator, aluminum freezing plate, conforms to food standards.

Vegetable and seafood preservation

PLC controls and self-protects from breakdowns during water filling, ice making and harvesting.Pneumatic crawler conveying system, maximizing the protection to the ice blocks during harvesting.

Pharmaceutical and chemical cooling

Bitzer compressor offers abundant compressing power and guaranteed producing ice in the shortest period with less energy consumption.Also can be used for cooling, fish cooling ,etc.

Tunnel cooling

The whole set consists of machine unit module, evaporator module, and cooling tower module; easy to ship and install; evaporator module can contain several parts in terms of capacity.

They chose us

Baocheng is based on the domestic market, and is dominated by foreign markets. It has accumulated 7 years of industry pioneer experience and has experienced many battles. In the domestic market, Baocheng products cover 80% of the country’s large ice factories, mainly located in Haikou, Sanya, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Wuhan, Nanning, Beihai, Liuzhou, Ganzhou, Changsha, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Jinan, etc. Cities. Baocheng's industrial structure is continuously optimized, relying on exquisite equipment, advanced production and processing technology, and scientific management to continuously improve product quality, service levels, and perfect sales and after-sales service systems.